February 22, 2009


I'm sure most of us have had this situation happen to us, or at least been in a car when it was pulled over. I find it quite an odd feeling. Kind of like a mixture of regret and resentment. "Dang it, I'm such a dork. Why was I doing that." and "Stinkin Cop, why'd you have to catch me doing that." Either way, you're in the wrong and you got caught and you know it.
And in the end you make a choice... either you're ashamed, avoid eye contact and just get on with it, or you try to make lame excuses for what you were doing wrong. The Humble or the Proud. I tried to portray both sides with Rex and Frank.


ckendell said...

nice. I like that Rex, a huge cyclops is the humble one. haha. Fantastically ironic.

TH3DEN said...

dude this is especially gold!! awesome!! my mondays are always better now! :D

Charecua said...

Bwahahahahaa! Oh gee, this is rich! Look at his face XD. Shame on you, Rex and Frank! The first panel made me go "Aww!" I love how you draw those cheekbones to him, it's so cute! My little brother and I just remembered today is monday, we stared at each other a while ago and said: "Hey! That Rex comic, let's take a look!" Don't quit on this little project please. You are doing pretty good!


andreas said...

good job in showing the "shame" and guilt of the big guy.

i´d go for a higher contrast between background - foreground, everything is a bit grey at the moment
it looks to be a style choice so MORE POWER TO YOU FOR GOING THERE!

RAWLS said...

Ckendell - Thanks! Yea, Rex may be a giant cyclops but he's quite humble.

Th3den - Thanks bro! I love Mondays now too!!

Charecua - Hahaha... I will definitely NOT quit now! Not with someones little brother excited to read it! Thanks SOO much for sharing that my friend! It is appreciated more than you know!

Andreas - Dooley noted! I can always count on your support and insight man! My many thanks to you my friend!