July 20, 2009


Happy Monday everyone!
Just in case some of you didn't notice, there is a discussion started on the REX FACEBOOK group so all of you can voice your ideas and thoughts! Check it out and feel free to contribute when you get a chance!

Rex also continues to increase in popularity! - http://www.canadiananimationresources.ca/
Have a great week!!


Charecua said...

Yay! Rex has a new friend! Is she his neighbor or just a random greeting person? I like the fact it's so easy to make him smile. Good one as always!

RAWLS said...

Thanks Char!!! ...I'd tell you who she is, but you'll have to wait and see!!

TH3DEN said...

:D hahaha. I can relate to this. I'm usually "little 4 eyes". :D Can't wait to see him in the big city :).

Kyri Kyprianou said...

Hey, wow you are using my font! This is the first place I've seen someone else us it...so it's very cool for me!


RAWLS said...

Ragnar - Thanks little 4 eyes!! It's going to get very interesting when he gets to the city indeed.

Kyri - haha! yea man, I love yer font. I told you I'd use it! I'm actually going to use it for my Anthology Project story as well!
Thanks again my friend!