January 10, 2010


You might not think so, but I believe at some point in every persons life we obtain a nemesis. Now, you might disagree with me on this, but that's because a nemesis isn't always a noticeable one, or even a long term one. You might be one of those who obtains random, short term nemesis' that many times go overlooked.
I'm not really sure which one I'd prefer... Long term you get to know your nemesis better, however, short term offers the benefit of them not sticking around long.
What say you?


yoche said...

My nemesis is my alarm clock :(

Jake said...

Ah yes...my nemesis. Or should I say nemesi. See I have several, they work as a team. And no matter how hard I try to secure my garbage, they still find a way to rip open the bags and strew it the rubbish all over the yard! I'll get you next time!

P.S. Is Rex wearing a startrek uniform?

RAWLS said...

Yoche - Destroy it!!

Jake - hahaha! It looks as if he is!
And as for those nasty nemisi... I suggest one of those garbage bins with a lid! That's what I did... until the lid blew away in the wind :(

bARE-eYED sUN said...

we doan nee hoh steenkeen nemesis.


thanks for this wonderful series,
truly luvitt!


RAWLS said...

haha, thanks very much!