January 1, 2010

Happy New Year

I hope you all had a fantastic new years celebration!
Many MANY thanks to you all for the support, comments and inspiration that you continually show me and this humble little labour of love called Rex.
I've had SO much positive feedback towards Mr. Bunyan, and there is a LOT of great things planned for this coming year!!! So keep yer eyes out!

Let's all work together to make 2010 an amazingly creative, inspiring and uplifting year!!! Be a little kinder, be a little stronger, be a little more willing to step into areas we may not have ventured before, and be a little more open to those little whisperings that urge us to be a little better.

luv Rawls


Charecua said...

I just hope this year will be better for us and the world! Peace!

RAWLS said...

Thanks Char! Me too my friend!!

j.etienne said...

wish REX BUNYAN will be a big success!

RAWLS said...

Thanks very much!!!