February 15, 2010


Greetings all! Welcome to the brand new look for the Rex Bunyan comics!!
I've made the creative decision to now do my weekly Rex comics in actual comic book page format and not the typical "Sunday comic strip" web format style.
I shall explain the method to my madness.
I've seen it done elsewhere and it has inspired me to do the same. Once I get enough 'pages', roughly around 150 or so, The Life of Rex Bunyan will go to PRINT! That's right folks, as long as this comic keeps going, and you keep showing the loving support that you have so far and hopefully share this comic with your friends and family, the plan is to turn this humble little web comic into a graphic novel series!!
As much as I love web comics, there is nothing like holding a real book in your hands.
So the format has changed and Rex will now read more like a "comic book" than a "comic strip", but the story will continue to progress as planned and there are a lot of exciting things in store! Including a lot more 'action'!! Which I'm sure some of you will appreciate!
The plan is to also go back to the previous 50 comics that I've done so far and put them into this format. But you won't see those unless you buy the book!!
So many thanks to all of you Bunyan fans for all of your fantastic support. You make this little labour of love worth it for me. All the best.

Note - I apologize for this huge posting, but I needed to inform you all. My wife commented to me, "Is this the novel part of your graphic novel?" I promise this is the most 'wordy' I will get for a while! :)


Chris Kawagiwa [Storyboards] said...

Ah, exciting news-- Nothing quite beats a tangible comic for me! go Rex go!

yoche said...

I couldn't agree more about the whole having the book in your hands idea. I can't wait!

Illustrator's Lounge said...


Anonymous said...

I love your idea! and I love Mr Bunnyan! I look forward every monday to your comic.
Thank you for bringing a smile to the start of my weeks!

Raquel Limon

RAWLS said...

Thanks all!! I'm glad everyone is as excited about it as I am!

Sharon said...

Haha! I love Rex! His reactions around Katie's mom are so hilarious!

Francis said...

yes, tangible is always good. great idea!