March 21, 2010


And so it begins. "What begins Rawls?!" What, you say? Well, you're about to find out my friends! Stay tuned!

Quite often things aren't sent our way until our inner most soul and determination is fixed on succeeding, no matter the cost or effort we must put in! This is the feeling that I myself and I hope others, would try to have in their hearts all the time! The choice is ours, 'bitter, or better'! Like it or not, we as individuals must eventually make that change.


Cam Kendell said...

Awesome. Thanks for sharing the great comic and truly inspiring words.

chris.k said...

Looks like it's time for his Obi Wan spirit guide to make an appearance ??

RAWLS said...

Cam - Thanks for the thanks man!

Chris - ohhhh, you shall see my friend!! You shall see.