April 18, 2010


I'm starting to get into the swing of things with working from home. I used to have to commute to Toronto everyday which in total would take up about 3 hours or more of my day, there and back. So now, I can use those hours more productively! Namely, taking a little more time to do these Rex pages. Needless to say, I'm very pleased with the blessing of being able to work from home. It takes a very different kind of discipline, but I feel way more productive. Not to mention the extra time I get to spend with my family now! So good.


lillian said...

What an awesome blessing! I'm really happy that you get more time to spend with family and on your own work.

Anyways, congrats and looking forward to how Rex Bunyan unravels!

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Dude! I'm loving the direction you're going with this!! Can't wait for the next post.

RAWLS said...

Thanks you two! I'm glad you're excited about the direction! Me too!

Simon Scales said...

Hey Rawls
nice page man...like the colors

working at home...yup hard not to get sidetracked, takes practice :)

RAWLS said...

Indeed! You are very right. Thanks my friend!