May 4, 2010


I apologize to all of you devoted Rex fans out there for this day late posting. There was a family emergency that obviously took priority over Mr. Bunyan. Everything is somewhat ok now I suppose. I think this is actually the first day late posting since I started this comic! Not bad I guess.
It probably didn't help that it's a little late due to the fact that this week is a two page spread which involves Rex going over his visitors wild tale. You can also see a little bit of Rex's inner sarcasm starting to seep out.
Hope all is well with you all. Thanks a ton for your constant support! And speaking of which, make sure you head on over to Canadian Animation Resources and seriously consider contributing to their fund raiser. ...After all, they're a huge supporter of Mr. Bunyan!


Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Glad to hear everything is okay. On a side note these recent posts are rockin!

RAWLS said...

Thanks my friend!! I'm glad that at least one person commented on this one!! :S

Jason said...

This has some really creative storytelling on this page and how you are leading the eye around the pages. Also the different style for the back story is a really great idea.

Great work as always!

RAWLS said...

Thanks Jason!!