July 14, 2010


Hey everyone!
Let me just start off by saying that this is one of the hardest posts I've ever had to make. Nothing to do with the art, or story or anything like that. But basically, due to the fact that I have to step away from Rex Bunyan for a while. :(

So, what does this mean? Simply put, this will be one LOOONG cliffhanger! Essentially, with my recent job situations, or lack thereof, I am forced to put my time and energy into other things, and so, as much as I hate to say it... sadly, Rex has to take a nap for a while.

Now, I'm not writing off Rex all together... no way! The plan is to focus on the things that I need to and hopefully in time I'll come back and finish this story, print it into a graphic novel, make some toys, turn it into a television series, etc etc.

Until then, I'll be putting all my efforts into finding work and any of my free time will focus on my graphic novel series, AGENT ORANGE. So hopefully, all of you devoted friends, family and fans we keep tabs on what is going there! I'm really excited about some things that are happening with AO, so please keep checking in and following me on MY BLOG! And who knows, the success that may come from Agent Orange might help Rex get some future recognition!

I'll definitely try to keep posting the occasional Rex holiday sketches, and the Facebook page will remain so that when the time comes, all you devoted fans will be made known what's going on. Also, a HUGE thank you goes to my friend Mike Valiquette and his Canadian Animation Resources site for always posting my Rex comics. Hopefully, I can start posting pages of my Agent Orange comic and he'll post those on his site!! Thanks Mike!

So from me to you... a heart felt thank you for all of your love and support on this labour of love that is Rex Bunyan. It's been a blast. See you soon Rexington.

...after all, we can't just leave him in space now can we?! :)



Anonymous said...

i'm sad by this epic cliffhanger. :(
btw i really hope that that blue planet is not earth.

Jake said...

Aw man! Totally understand though. The last thing we need is a Rawlsy that's spread too thin.

Octavio E. Rodriguez said...

Aw, man..I understand. I'll just have to see what's cooking with Agent Orange!

j.etienne said...

sorry about Rex!good luck AO!

chris.k said...

Wow this certainly is a monumental cliffhanger!
I understand the necessity for such a hiatus though-- and will sure be here for the Rex's return.
Hopefully more steam for AO then!

michael valiquette said...


voxnewman said...

well good thing I just got here, so I still have a lot of Rex to discover!

TJ Circle said...

Rawls - just read through the entire comic series. I hope things are going well personally. This was a very good project, and I hope you can continue it some day. I will have to see if I can find Agent Orange and see what that's like. Thanks for the hard work. -TC

Anonymous said...

I also started reading this from the beginning, just tonight. I gotta tell ya, I'm new to webcomics, and this one of the best of the 15 or so I've been reading. So much of what I miss about comics is here, in abundance. I really hope you'll get to finish this story. I'll definitely check in regulary.